Originally published in Home and Cottages Magazine Issue 2, 2000. Article by Dennis McCloskey

Wayne Colton's company has built more than 4,000 decks during the last six years. Here he shares his tips for building a deck that lasts.

Excerpt from the magazine article: "Wayne Colton has been building decks since he was 18 years old. Today, the 42-year-old president of Deck Depot, in Markham, Ontario, is a veteran deck master who knows about the shortcuts and cost-saving devices. I asked him to identify a few and, with tongue firmly placed in cheek, he responded.

  • Don't dig your footing holes too deep. You'll save on manpower and concrete.
  • Downsize your lumber, you won't get the structural stregth, but you'll save a bundle.
  • Use 2" by 6" joists and beams instead of 2" by 8", and spread them out to use fewer than you really need.

But if you're planning to have a custom deck built using any of the corner-cutting 'tips' above, don't call Wayne Colton!"


"In 1994 he started Deck Depot with six crews (18 people.) Today he oversees 16 crews year-round, and more than 20 in the peak summer season. Among these 60 people who've helped in the building of over 4,000 decks in the past six years are Wayne's father. Clare, and sister, Wendy, who is the company's administrator.

"We're family, we're fun and we care," is her motto. "